Marketing Automation 101

Marketing automation is a way to build relationships with your customers. It involves sending emails that deliver the information your customers want when they need it without requiring consistent monitoring and action from you and your team.

Regardless of whether you're sending a coupon to a new subscriber or following-up with someone who just made a purchase, you can easily send the correct email at the appropriate time to maximize the impact of your marketing activities.

Why automate marketing?

Marketing automation doesn't eliminate the need for active marketing on your part, but it can greatly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on identifying the appropriate times to reach out to your audience.

Rather than sending out mass emails that are generic in nature, you can send out emails for specific reasons to selected groups. This makes your emails more relevant and relatable, which consumers tend to view positively. As a bonus, having your name seen by someone in their inbox makes you more memorable, which increases the likelihood they'll seek out your business at a later point.

Generally speaking, you can identify key points where you can increase the likelihood of conversion, such as when someone signs up for your email list or when someone adds a product to his or her shopping cart. By automating the sending of emails containing coupons to new subscribers or reminder emails to those who didn't complete the check-out process, you can increase the likelihood of conversion.

What else can I do with marketing automation?

Marketing automation can be used for more than directly increasing your conversion rates; you can also use it to increase customer engagement.

For example, you might set up a campaign that targets:

  • Users who haven't logged in to your SaaS platform in the past 30 days;
  • Users who signed up for one of your new releases, but didn't complete the installation/set-up process.

Not only does your campaign increase user engagement with your product, you'll likely see increased levels of engagement with your emails. Because this directly correlates with having a good reputation with email senders, your emails are more likely to reach your recipients instead of being caught by spam filters.

Marketing Automation 101

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