Unsubscribing Email Addresses

If you have need to manually unsubscribe users from your email list(s), you can do so easily via the Subscriber Management page located in the Sendloop Dashboard.

To open the Subscriber Management page, click on Subscribers in the top navigation bar once you've logged in to your Sendloop account.

Click on the mailing list that contains the users who have requested removal. This brings up the mailing lists' management page.

In the navigation bar, click Subscribers & Reports. This will bring up the subscribers currently on the list.

Find the subscribers who have requested to be unsubscribed, and check the accompanying boxes to select their rows.

Click Unsubscribe selected subscribers. You will be asked to confirm the unsubscribe action.

Click OK to proceed. If Sendloop successfully processes the request, you'll see the following confirmation.

Updated 2 years ago

Unsubscribing Email Addresses

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