Setting Up Email Marketing Automation

One key aspect of marketing automation is sending messages to your recipients at predetermined times without requiring your direct input. Here's how to do this in Sendloop.

Setting Up Automation Messages

After logging into the Sendloop Dashboard, click on Automation in the top navigation bar.

Click Create a New Message. You will see the Email Automation configuration screen.

On the Email Automation configuration screen, you'll need to provide the following pieces of information.

Message name

A private, descriptive name used for administrative purposes only

From name

The name you want displayed in the From field of the email

From email

The address you want displayed in the From field of the email

Use same for reply-to information

Flag that indicates whether the name/address set in the From field of your email should be used for replies. If unchecked, you'll be prompted to provide the name/address that should be used instead.


The rules Sendloop uses to identify recipients. You can add as many rules as you'd like, and you can opt to send to recipients that match all rules or that match any of the rules.

Your rules can filter users on any of the following criteria:

  • User ID
  • Email Address
  • Entry Date
  • Last Seen Date
  • IP Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Sessions


The subject of your email. Personalize it with details specific to the recipient by clicking Personalize subject to display the list of data points you can use.


The body of your email. You can use the provided editor to build an HTML-based email, copy in HTML, or provide plain text content

Track website conversions

Flag that indicates whether Sendloop should track website conversions for this set of automated emails

Once you have configured your email, you can proceed in one of two ways:

  • Save as draft: This saves your work, but no emails are sent at this time.
  • Activate: This saves your work and begins the process of sending emails to those who meet the criteria you selected in the To field.

Setting Up Email Marketing Automation

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