Introduction to Sendloop Apps

Sendloop is a digital marketing platform for small businesses and provides everything small businesses around the globe need for:

  • email marketing
  • marketing automation
  • lead generation
  • email gateway services

In addition to these powerful features, you can now use Sendloop's platform to build custom apps and extend Sendloop's existing functionalities.

Developing an app and communicating with our API is very straightforward. No matter which programming language you're using, you can easily integrate your app and exchange data with Sendloop.

The Sendloop Community

Once you've built your app, you can share it with the global Sendloop community using the Sendloop App Store. As of September 2016, Sendloop:

  • Has about 40,000 active users spread out across 163 countries
  • Delivers over a billion emails per month
  • Owns 15,000 delivery IP addresses
  • Tens of thousands of active, paying customers

Questions? Comments

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Introduction to Sendloop Apps

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